Sunset Club

A large covered Rock dance-floor for the comfort of the dancers, a large Lounge Bar for the rest of the festival-goers, but also Low Rider demos. Something to get you immersed in the spirit of the great Californian fiestas!


As a victim of its own success, but also of the ambient heat, special attention will be paid to the quality of this popular site by improving the quality of the parquet floor, but also by moving it to our new Sunset Club hall.


Each evening, immerse yourself in the delightfully retro world of DJ Turky and his Fifties Sound team. Go to the sounds of mythical pieces from the 40s to 60s!


Whether you may be a novice or a beginner, come and dance on Rock’n’Roll, Boogie Woogie, Swing, Jive, Lindy or Rockabilly rhythms. Take the most of the presence of Karim & Laurie (who ranked 2d at 2014, 2015 and 2016 French championships, 4th at the 2016 World Cup and bronze medallists at the 2017 European Championships) as well as of the talented duo Marty & MissDee: take part in their festive and explosive courses.


The Lowrider movement is part of the U.S. culture and the shows that the « Majestics Paris Car Club » will present to us will surprise many. Mythical cars with a specific look and their modified suspension systems that allow them to run very close the ground, jump, climb and descend, at incredible angles. Take the time to watch this video and you will be convinced that you absolutely must see these impressive shows!

Ville de Tours


A new and large space to ask time for a drink. It is good (from time to time) to do a little break-relaxation and that’s why this place was created. But beware it is possible that at nightfall the atmosphere rises one or more notches … It’s you who see (and dance)!

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