Western & Rodeo area

Our Western & Rodeo area will be back outdoors this year. Attend from our grandstands those authentic shows such as rodeos or cattle sorting.
Embark on a journey through history with reenactments of military, cowboy and Indian camps, and try your hand at the mechanical bull.



Rodeo is both a breathtaking game of skill, speed and agility and an intense sport where dexterity and strength are essential. The best French cowboys will offer you sensational moments, under the watchful eye of the Bull Fighters and of the traditional clown of the rodeo.


Attend the cattle sorting show and cowboy demonstrations! Whether it is the Ranch sorting or the 3 man 2 gate sorting, appreciate the various components of these Western disciplines, where riders and their horses compete in different categories.


Are you admiring our rodeo riders? So come and challenge our mechanical bull and test your ability to stand as long as possible on this evil machine. An animation fully in the spirit of the festival that you can try from 12 years old.


Our Indian village is a little discovering an unknown land… Immerse yourself in the so special atmosphere of those tribes, participate in the various fun and educational activities and also discover the variety of styles of Amerindian dances.


Horse stunts, lasso and whip acts, juggling with guns are some of the activities in the Western village. Go through the great moments of the conquest of the West with this large outdoors museum, which is also one of the festival’s most dynamic live shows.


This is one of the new attractions of our festival.
A real return to the past (between 1860 and 1870) and an immersion in a military camp where you can discover the life and activities of the 7th Cavalry composed of volunteers and based at the time in Michigan.

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