Line Dance Hall

Whether you are a true fan willing to improve your skills or simply a curious one wanting to get into line dance, the Line Dance Hall will welcome all levels: free workshops will be offered throughout the festival and the traditional Grand Ball will be given on Saturday, July 6 at evening (the theme this year will be the Californian dream).



This Dutch choreographer started Line Dance 13 years ago and has since then climbed the various steps that have allowed her to be recognized as a reference in Europe. She will accompany you during these 3 days to give you her precious advice through her innovative choreographies.

Workshops Line Dance à l'American Tours Festival


Whether you are a beginner and eager to learn a choreography, or more experienced and want to test yourself on a higher level than the one you master, the Workshops are made for you. Benefit from a free education thanks to the various internships animated by our guest choreographer.

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